Dota imba mode

– Random  mode: -ardmssstfrfeakscoiermcslndbbcefn (All random, when death random new heroes)
– Sd mode:  -sdssstfrfeakscoiermcslndbbcefn (Random 3 heroes)

  • ar – All random
  • dm – Deathmatch
  • ss – Random skills
  • st – Super towers
  • fr – Fast respawn
  • fe – Global drop (neutral drops items)
  • ak – Award skill
  • sc – Super creeps
  • oi – Observer info
  • er – Expiremental runes
  • mc – Modified super creeps
  • sl – Skill lost
  • nd – No death
  • bb – Backdoor ban
  • cc – Clever creeps aka “heroes go to hell mode” 
  • fn – Fast neutrals

All range, All stats:

Melee, All stats:

Ranged, All stats:

Melee, Agility Only:

Ranged, Agility Only:

Ranged, Inteligence Only:

Melee, Strength Only:

As you can see, the only thing, that chages is range and stats. The base is set in the “All range, All stats” mode. The fuller description of those modes in the base goes next:

ak – your hero get’s one extra random skill (so now you have 5, instead of 4)
fe – neutral creeps (those in the forest and very-very-very rarely those in the lanes) drop items. Never saw them drop complex items (such as Crystalys, Buriza etc), but most basics, even those from the forest – Eaglehorn, Sacred Relic, Belt of Giant Strength etc
fn – neutral creeps (those in the forest) respawn faster (10 sec, as the manual says)
fr – your and enemy heroes respawn instantly after death.. Like in Quake or UT..
nd – no death, as the manual says.. actually, I thought it was almost the same, as “fr” mode.. dunno now..
pm – all items dropped are common, so you can now equip your friends, if you are a faster asskicker =)
rs – set’s you for a random side, despite what you selected before the game began. I try to choose the Scourge, cause I love the window design, and this mode let’s me actually play for The Sentinel side
ss – all your skills are randomized – you can get any skill of any hero in DoTA. F.e., playing Sven with Pudge’s meat hook is quite funny =)
st – super towers.. not that super, but they regenerate HP over time and are kinda little stronger.. but not that really hard as it could be…

I like play dota imba with mode: -arakdm (All ransom hero and skill, no death time)