Ninja Time “Shippuden&Ninpou” 2.9

Ninja Time “Shippuden&Ninpou” 2.9

This Map is about Naruto

I think you will have some fun with this map if you´re a fan

(you have no fun in this map if you play alone !)

You should play it with friends by lan or in the

 Game Play

  • First part: You choose a character (like Naruto,Sasuke…)
  • Second part: Now you are in the play area. Find other players to battle, but before you do that should ya find your partner, if you have one. It is villication hard partnerless!
  • Third part: Collective some gold to get strong Items and train your char. to get a skilled Hero.
  • Last part: At last try to finish the game, before a other one do that.

 How to get money.

  • You get every 85 seconds 1 gold
  • You get for every Hero kill at least 5 gold
  • You can search *Green Apple´s* and *Rogue-cabbage´s* and sell them.
  • You can go for creep camps