NWU v1.3.9j.w3x

Map Naruto Wars Unlimited – NWU 1.3.9j by Kroom & muZk

Bug fixed

  • Shodaime can use [W] on any destructable
  • Neji Kaiten knockback can stuck people
  • Flak doesn’t give hp regen
  • Remi bonusess on shin guard has been fixed

NWU v1.3.9i Changelog

This version will contains small updates to patch issues from v1.3.9g


  • New hero icons (Art design by @reborn2956)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix Idate’s pathing with abilities:
    • Yamato’s Cage should block invisible units.
    • Idate’s boots change has been reverted. Now they work as the same they do in 1.3.9f (can’t pass through units).
  • Fixed Shodaime [R] and [T] tooltips.
  • Fixed Pein hero tooltips.



  • Increased C3 damage from 140/170/200/230 to 170/230/290/360
  • Decreased C3 AOE in 200 for all levels.
  • Decreased C3 cast range from 1000 to 850.
  • Increased Clay Spiders MS when they are invisible (it wont reduce their MS anymore).
  • Decreased Clay Spiders Manacost from 125/150/175/200 to 50/80/110/140.

Choose from 49 of your favorite heroes from Naruto in a battle to defend your village.

Modes: -ap -ar -sd -pm -sm -nr -om -nt -nm -nb