Dota 6.85c changelog

Getdota map v6.85c changelog:


  • Fixed bug when buff or debuff had infinite duration randomly
  • Fixed dropping Undying’s Aghanim didn’t remove it’s bonuses


    • Attribute bonus no longer has icon on any hero
    • Fixed Right Click deny activating even on non-deniable creeps instead of “move”
    • Chat command -gg is now available only after 15th minute
    • Cricle’s ability to sell items no longer available if your hero is dead
    • Fixed Roshan had extra armor at the start
    • Summons autoselection now works only in 1000 range around the primary hero


    • -g = -gold 999999
    • -fog = iseedeadpeople


    • Fixed Thunder Lizard missing Slam ability
    • New icons for Thunder Lizard Slam and Dragonhide aura



    • Borrowed Time now supports cooldown reduction


    • Added sounds to Acid Spray activation


    • Nightmare now disable Kelen’s Dagger


    • Batrider’s Flaming Lasso with Aghanim’s now correctly breaks when Batrider dies


    • Improved visuals for Bloodrite
    • Improved icons

Bounty Hunter

    • Track now grants bonus gold even if target has reincarnation available instead of only per kills


    • Fixed Double Edge dealing less damage onto caster than should

Chaos Knight

    • Fixed chaos strike could affect structures


    • Fixed Searing Arrows with Lifesteal healing from damage dealt to illusions


    • Power Cogs target type changed from Structure to Ward
    • Splash and Moon Glaive no longer affects Power Cogs


    • Fixed Poison Sting and Dispersion ignores Shallow Grave


    • Doom no longer applies break unless Aghanim Scepter acquired

Earth Spirit

    • Fixed Boulder Smash pushing hero himself
    • Fixed Rolling Boulder slow debuff icon
    • Enchanted Remnant can no longer target magic immune enemies
    • Fixed Boulder Smash using angle between the Rock and target point instead of between the hero and target point


    • Fixed Impetus with Lifesteal healing from damage dealt to illusions

Keeper of the Light

    • Fixed Illuminate bound to the hero even in Ghost form


    • Fixed Ghost Ship buff disappears on moprhing


    • Fixed Ice Wall deals no damage
    • Fixed Tornado still had less effect range than should with Aghanim
    • Tornado now stop enemies from using Blink Dagger
    • Tornado now deals it’s damage as soon as enemy lands instead of constant delay

Legion Commander

    • Press The Attack now displayed in status bar
    • Overwhelming Odds no longer places the buff if nothing has been hit


    • Infest now has instant projectile speed

Lone Druid

    • Lone Druid’s cast backswing reduced from 1.17 to 0.57


    • Fixed Shapeshift had incorrect cooldown stated in tooltip


    • Earthbind no longer allows cought unit to turn invisible

Natures Prophet

    • Fixed Nature’s Wrath spawned treants belongs to the killer instead of the Furion
    • Fixed Force of Nature treants damage being off by 1

Nerubian Assassin

    • Manaburn now deals it’s damage before mana being reduced


    • Purifying Flames can now be dispelled by any dispell instead of only Fortune’s End
    • Fate’s Edict now has buff icon

Pit Lord

    • Fixed Athrophy aura misleading visuals
    • Fixed Pit of Malice target AoE was lower than real AoE


    • Fixed Phase Shift effect disappears too early if cooldown has been reduced by Kotl


    • Rubick now gets empty skill on level 25 to prevent stolen spell’s icon placing issues
    • Fixed Rubick could stack metamorphoses
    • Fixed Rubick always stealing Spiritbreaker’s aura as level 1
    • Fixed Rubick issues with Templar Assassin’s Traps subskill
    • Fixed Rubick couldn’t steal Refraction
    • For Rubick unlocked:
    • Alacrity – A3JZ [D]
    • Tornado – A3K0 [D]
    • Exorcism – A3K1 A3K2 A3K3 A3K4 A3K5 [D]
    • Shadowraze – A3K6 A3K7 [D]

Skeleton King

    • Fixed Vampiric Aura healing from damage dealt to illusions


    • Dark Pact no longer stops Slark when activated
    • Thundergod’s Wrath no longer affects Slark in Shadow Dance state


    • Improved Assassinate icon at targeted unit


    • Empowering haste no longer interrupts Spiritbreaker

Templar Assassin

    • Fixed Psionic trap missing animation


    • Fixed Conjured Images losing it’s visual effects when morphing into Metamorphosis

Treant Protector

    • Fixed Earth Spirit iteraction with Eye in the forest


    • Whirling axes (melee) no longer stops Troll when activated


    • Improved Soul Rip targeting


    • Enrage now dispellable


    • Added Aghanim visuals for Venomancer


    • Shadow Word can now be casted onto magic immune allies

Winter Wyvern

    • Fixed Arctic Burn tooltip


    • Thundergod’s Wrath no longer break Linken’s Sphere
    • Thundergod’s Wrath no longer has lightning delay (0.25s before damage applied)
    • Lightning bolt no longer has lightning delay (0.25s before damage applied)


Ancient Janggo of Endurance

    • Fixed Janggo had 5 charges when bought with Quick buy
    • Added sounds to Janggo’s activation

Crimson Guard

    • Fixed Crimson Guard defense being removed if morph used


    • Fixed Eul always counted as allied dispell

Linken’s Sphere

    • Fixed Death Coil doesn’t dispell Linken’s Sphere
    • Fixed Soul Rip doesn’t iteract with Linken’s Sphere
    • Fixed Static Link doesn’t dispell Linken’s Sphere
    • Fixed Ensnare doesn’t dispell Linken’s Sphere
    • Fixed Bloodrage doesn’t dispell Linken’s Sphere

Lotus Orb

    • Fixed Lotus Orb’d Dismember (upgraded) didn’t heal original target


    • Midas now respects all of the rules of creep killing (proc Bloodrage, dispells Battle Hunger, etc)

Octarine Core

    • Fixed Flesh Golem cooldown iteraction with Octarine Core
    • Fixed Arctic Burn cooldown iteraction with Octarine Core
    • Fixed Ghost Form cooldown iteraction with Octarine Core
    • Fixed Octarine Core healing from damage dealt to illusions


    • Smoke no longer allows to attack affected units (same rules as Shadow Dance)

Vladmir’s Offering

  • Fixed Vladmir’s Vampiric Aura healing from damage dealt to illusions