Dota 6.85d changelog

Map DotA v6.85d Allstars.w3x changelog


    • Fixed illusions deal 50% damage to structures instead of 75%
    • Fixed missing text messages in replays
    • Improved courier’s delivery system
    • Roshan now kills illusion when it’s attack lands instead of when it starts to attack him
    • Most pause-including effects reworked and no longer uses pause state
    • All Impale-like skills no longer pauses victims
    • Leaver now automatically send -gg (previously you had to vote again in order to forfeit)
    • Fixed buying forbidden items from enemy’s shop removes them forever instead of dropping onto enemy’s circle
    • Improved invisbility filtering – now it always counts only invisible units (it counted Riki, for instance, even if he was in the fade time yet). Mostly affects Dust of appearance slow
    • Networth counter over the circles of power now includes death gold penalty when shows if buyback is available
    • Neutrals now adds to Creeps counter everywhere
    • Usage of “Collect items” from courier now drops items from Circle of power as well so they will be grabbed as well
    • Fixed neutral Harpy camp missing Witch
    • Raise Dead summons now adds to selection as summon



    • Scepter Doom no longer increases damage
    • Scorched Earth damage and heal reduced from 12/24/36/48 to 12/23/34/45
    • Scorched Earth cooldown rescaled from 60/55/50/45 to 55


    • Spiderlings Poison Sting slow reduced from 12% to 8%



    • Fixed Throw Unstable Concoction charges Sticks

Ancient Apparition

    • Added more visuals for Ice Vortex

Arc Warden

    • Fixed Flux doesn’t recognize allied ancients as allied units
    • Fixed Flux not being purgable
    • Tempest Double now receives Moon Shard buff if source has it consumed


    • Fixed Bloodrage could only target heroes
    • Bloodrite got new visual effects


    • Fixed Broodmother going invisible under the Web way too fast


    • Fixed Clinkz could devour Living Dead to gain insane bonuses


    • Scorched Earth now properly counted as spell damage
    • Fixed Devouring Mud golem never spawns little golems
    • Doom now stops target’s channelings from items (TP scrolls)
    • Fixed Doom only dispells target’s buff if upgraded

Earth Spirit

    • Improved Boulder smash targeting
    • Enchant Remnant Petrify now deals damage to frozen enemy as well instead of ignoring him
    • Boulder Smash’d stone now correctly prolongs Magnetize
    • Fixed Petrify iteraction with ally under Linken’s sphere
    • Petrify now breaks if Earth Spirit uses frozen hero as a stone for Rolling Boulder
    • Geomagnetic grip no longer destroy trees if creep pulled


    • Fixed Eidolons could be abused and re-spawned multiply times on 6th attack
    • Demonic Conversion can now target Mud golems

Goblin Techies

    • Suicide Squad, Attack can now target ancients


    • Rocket Barrage now properly counted as spell damage


    • Invoking the same spell now won’t waste mana as well
    • Fixed using Invoke didn’t apply summoned skill as last one summoned (only second skill being replaced with new cast)


    • Liquid Fire now has debuff icon


    • Fixed Frost Nova and Frost armor icon visuals on usage


    • Infest no longer allows to get inside couriers
    • Infest can no longer target unique enemy creeps like Spirit Bear or Primal Split pandas
    • Allies with shared control can now control Infest as a normal spell
    • Infest no longer pauses Lifestealer for the duration
    • Infested unit’s movespeed now constantly updates to the Lifestealer’s speed
    • Assimilate no longer pauses the target
    • Fixed Infest leaves Consume icon onto alive target (allied)

Lone Druid

    • Lone Druid and Spirit Bear death conditions improved


    • Fixed Shapeshift’s cooldown being outdated


    • Fixed Reverse Polarity not affecting ancients


    • Fixed Morphling could stuck Roshan


    • Fixed Meepo cannot respawn unless ultimate learned

Nerubian Assassin

    • Fixed Nerubian Assassin malfunction when borrowed and moved by any spell
    • Fixed Spiked Carapace triggering on wards damage onto the caster
    • Fixed Nerubian Assassin become visible for a split second when burrowing from Vendetta state
    • Fixed Unborrow being available even silenced

Obsidian Destroyer

    • Astral Imprisonment no longer pauses target

Ogre Magi

    • Fixed Multicast can never target towers as Bloodlust targets

Phantom Assassin

    • Phantom strike updated – duration from 3 to 4 seconds
    • Fixed Stifling Dagger dealing damage to illusions as to creeps

Phantom Lancer

    • Juxtapose now works on attack land instead of attack foreswing


    • Fixed breaking Dream Coil leash always counted as for upgraded Dream Coil


    • Supernova no longer pauses Phoenix


    • Fixed Meat Hook deals 50% damage to siege creeps
    • Meat hook no longer use ensnare to disable Pudge for first 0.25s, instead it slows him down
    • Rot recoded to support being silenced or hexed (it used to disable damage and slow before)


    • Fixed Backstab had no animation on illusions
    • Backstab now proc on attack land instead of foreswing
    • Backstab now works on couriers


    • Fixed stolen Chemical Rage didn’t grants mana regen bonuses
    • Fixed Rubick could steal Spin Web


    • Pounce now disjoint projectiles


    • Headshot damage type changed to physical


    • Fixed Spectral Dagger wasting target’s Linken’s Sphere
    • Spectral Dagger can now be casted on magic immune enemies


    • Charge of Darkness will order Stop instead of Hold position when interrupted
    • Nether Strike can now target ancients

Shadow Demon

    • Disruption no longer pauses target

Skeleton King

    • Fixed Wraith Form gives hero full mana, now mana won’t be changed


    • March of the Machines damage type from pure to magic


    • Toss no longer pauses the projectile

Treant Protector

    • Eye of the Forest targeting type changed to ward (unaffected by most spells now)


    • Fixed Troll’s Axes had no cooldown


    • Walrus Kick can now target magic immune units
    • Snowball no longer pauses unit

Vengeful Spirit

    • Fixed Wave of terror being pure damage instead of divine
    • Fixed Wave of terror not affecting ancients


    • Fixed Nethertoxin rounding error cause less damage to non-heroes than it should


    • Shukuchi now properly iteract with invulnerable units


    • Turn speed increased to maximum
    • Fixed Overcharge iteracts with cooldown reduction



    • Fixed toggling Armlet right before death leads to item drop

Black King Bar

    • Fixed bug with BKB duration always being 10 seconds
    • Fixed bug with BKB handling on Spirit Bear

Cranium Basher

    • Fixed melee Cranium Basher gave 6 strength instead of 8


    • Dagger no longer cause selected group reordering

Diffusal Blade

    • Fixed upgrading Diffusal Blade with no slots available didn’t refill it’s charges
    • Diffusal Blade can now be double clicked to cast on self

Lotus Orb

    • Improved Lotus Orb re-channeling perfomance

Medallion of Courage

    • Fixed Medallion of Courage cannot be applied to an ally with Linken’s sphere


    • Mjollnir’s Static Charge no longer triggers on damage dealt by allies or self

Quelling Blade

    • Fixed Quelling Blade tooltip

Silver Edge

    • Fixed Lothar’s Edge and Silver Edge didn’t share it’s cooldowns
    • Fixed Silver Edge cooldown being higher than stated

Solar Crest

    • Fixed Solar Crest cannot be applied to an ally with Linken’s sphere


    • Tango heal smoother

Urn of Shadows

    • Roshan no longer dispells Urn of shadows heal


  • Fixed first attack on the wards could miss