Dota 6.85h changelog

v6.85h Quick-fix patch

  • Fixed Test of Faith mass teleportation still affected some dummies
  • Fixed Ghost Scepter malfunction


    • Switch options are now available even if it’s game with observers. No idea why it has been disabled before, so use wisely
    • Using -random no longer waste 6 seconds
    • Selling items on -ARDM mode causes 85% gold refund instead of 50% (only lasts 60 seconds after respawn)
    • Updated Black market textures
    • New model for Ironwood Branch
    • Updated models for Bloodrage, Mana Void and Gem of Truesight
    • Added visual effect for Tossed unit
    • Fixed Sentinel fountain attack projectile model
    • Added -si command which toggle displaying every used spell name and ID (useful for custom keys users)
    • Fixed fatal error when buying item into the courier of player who left the game
    • Fixed hero illusions counted as creeps when attacking Tombstone or Nether Ward



    • Alchemist’s networth now correctly updates after gifting an Aghanim Scepter

Arc Warden

    • Tempest Double will stay with full Bottle if Arc Warden has bottle with rune
    • Spark Wraith manacost from 50 to 100/110/120/130
    • Tempest Double can now copy Refresher Orb, but cannot use it
    • Tempest Double now receives buff from gifted Aghanim

Faceless Void

    • Fixed Chronosphere disabling evasion on illusions


    • Fixed Omnislash cannot target ancient neutrals
    • Omnislash can now target invulnerable targets (so it’s now correctly reflected by Lotus Orb)

Pit Lord

    • Firestorm damage per second debuff now purgeable


    • Fixed Tiny with Aghanim couldn’t damage Tombstone


    • Fixed Focus Fire losing buff icon when target being switched


Boots of travel

  • Boots of travel level 2 can now target illusions of heroes as well
  • Boots of Travel (both) can now target Tombstone Zombies and no longer can target Tombstone

Next update Dota v6.86 gameplay coming soon!