Dota lod 6.85m5 changelog

Map dota v6.85m5 LOD full changelogs – DotA LoD 6.85m5.w3x


  • Hotfix for m4, check out m4 changelog
  • Fixed default Move/Stop/Hold/Patrol hotkeys overriding shop’s, now shop-keys follow the same rules as other hotkeys from Config/-bind
  • Fixed Bounty rune’s pickup animation
  • Fixed small neutral camp yet again (Kobold instead of the Gnoll)
  • Adaptiveness stun resistance bonus from 20/28/36% to 16/20/24%


  • Fixed Chaos Strike insane bonus damage and damage type
  • Fixed Chaos Strike had no penalty for illusions
  • Fixed some abilities getting dispelled on death even if they meant to trigger (like Bloodrage)
  • Fixed hotkeys for default orders (move patrol etc) colliding with other warcraft’s hotkeys
  • Static Field now affects the caster only instead of whole AoE whenever triggered by enemy
  • Fixed small neutral spawn had Kobold instead of Troll
  • Fixed illusions sometimes didn’t benefit of some passive abilities while morphed
  • Fixed Ball Lightning visual
  • Fixed Feral Impulse providing aura bonus around the dead body
  • Multicast now affects Ice Blast launch event rather than the cast, sending multiple projectiles onto enemies
  • Multicasted Requiem of Souls no longer has 1 second delay
  • Multicasted Smoke Screen now covers bigger AoE
  • Multicasted Burrowstrike now starts from the same point
  • Multicasted Burrowstrike now starts from the same point
  • Fixed Multicast affecting Darkness
  • Mana Leak no longer stacks on the same target
  • Mana Leak can no longer be multicasted
  • Improved Impale mechanic a bit
  • Fixed Lightning Bolt counting as a full stun for diminishing returns system
  • Diminishing returns on stun effects from 1/0.75/0.5/0.25 to 1/0.75/0.5/0.3
  • Fixed Reincarnation making heroes transparent after reviving
  • Fixed Spell Steal couldn’t steal the same ability again
  • Fixed Searing Arrows icon positioning
  • Macropyre damage now stacks properly
  • Improved Dual Breath visuals and DOT effect
  • Dual Breath can no longer be multicasted (since it doesn’t stack anyway)
  • Fixed Necronomicon Warrior’s Blademail malfunction
  • Darkness flying vision at night reduced from 1800 to 1400
  • Relocate cooldown reduced from 80 to 70
  • Relocate (agh) cooldown reduced from 50 to 40
  • Rescaled Adaptiveness bonuses:
  • Level 1 – +15 main attribute and:
  • STR: 20% stun resist;
  • AGI: 15% chance to oneshot;
  • INT: 8% / 4% spell lifesteal hero / creep
  • Level 2|r – +20 main attribute and:
  • STR: 28% stun resist;
  • AGI: 20% chance to oneshot;
  • INT: 12% / 6% spell lifesteal hero / creep
  • Level 3|r – +25 main attribute and:
  • STR: 36% stun resist;
  • AGI: 25% chance to oneshot;
  • INT: 16% / 8% spell lifesteal hero / creep


  • Fixed rm8 mode
  • Improved Shadow Dance invisibility
  • Restored all color-modifiers back
  • Fixed Crippling Fear effect duration being incorrect
  • Fixed mana regeneration bug (same as hp reg bug before)
  • Fixed Manta Style naming
  • Fixed swapping taverns still allowed 2nd player to keep a spell
  • Fixed Gush leaving a corpse nearby the target
  • Fixed Kraken Shell with damage block negative multiplier being outdated
  • Removed extra ground visuals from Rocket Barrage
  • Kraken Shell damage treshold from 400 to 500
  • Added Bloodrite silence to dispel list
  • Neutrals can no longer attack a courier
  • Fixed Duel issues with Lotus orb and Multicast
  • Fixed Rearm not affecting Reincarnation
  • Removed freaking manabar from Ice blast marker
  • Added true-sight immunity to Ice blast
  • Fixed Grow on Tiny’s model providing extra attack range
  • Sleight of Fist no longer morphs the caster, attacking in normal hero’s form
  • Fixed Dispersion being twice as effective
  • Fixed Doom (Agh) didn’t disable target’s passives
  • Fixed Chaos Strike applying bonus damage on extra-damage (like backstab)
  • Fixed Multicasted Epicenter staying on the place instead of following the hero
  • Guardian Angel and Rage can no longer multicast
  • Fixed Pounce providing 0.01s of spell immunity
  • Fixed Crippling Fear, Jinada, Bloodlust icon position
  • Fixed Supernova and Sunder not changing HP under Ice Blast
  • Midnight Pulse damage type changed to divine
  • Fixed Purification lvl 4 manacost 140 -> 160
  • Fixed Caustic Final dealing 1.5x damage if that was 3rd attack and the target dies due to it
  • Fixed fatal error when playing other maps w/o restart
  • Fixed Breate of Fire various issues with Multicast and some other effects
  • Fixed Blood Bath and Bloodrage healing of Familiars
  • Added 100% AS/MS slow effect on Vital Strike
  • Blademail cooldown from 15 to 18
  • Blademail now returns the same damage type as original damage
  • Fixed Trample dealing 50 less damage than intended
  • Fixed Dominated siege units still trying to attack structures instead of following player’s orders
  • Switched Bounty rune model to a gold coin
  • Fixed Double Damage rune not affecting Spirit Bear
  • Double Damage rune no longer affects anyone else but the carrier
  • Fixed camera settings become incorrect when mouse wheel used while after -cam command
  • Fixed Time Lapse dispelling stuff it isnt supposed to dispell
  • Fixed Witchcraft, Supernova and Rearm not updating cooldown in the multiboard
  • Fixed Reincarnation didn’t check cooldown for Alt-click
  • Fixed Snowball behaviour when reflected back
  • Reduced cast backswing on Rylai (2.4 -> 0.2), Thrall (1 -> 0.1), Admiral (0.51 -> 0.1), Visage (0.5 -> 0.1), Skywrath (1.08 -> 0.2)

All player names will be converted into hero names once hero is picked
Added chat command -names # to switch player names between:
0 = hero names
1 = legacy (nick + hero)
2 = player’s number

All default buttons (Move, Stop, Hold, Patrol) are hidden now, use -patrol if you miss them. They’re still available via default hotkeys, look below
Updated config.lod file with settings to setup hotkeys for removed buttons:
#REAL hotkeys for issuing primary orders, they aren’t binded to any visible button but usable in-game. ONLY A SINGLE HOTKEY ALLOWED

Other fields like “BindPatrol” related to the button’ cell and not the order, use them to control spells on additional slots


  • Fixed fatal error on alt-clicking
  • Fixed missing on-damage healing effects (Borrowed Time, etc.)
  • Improved Blade mail visuals
  • Fixed orb effects malfunctioning
  • Fixed Rearm’s tooltip to explain that it doesn’t refresh Supernova
  • Split Earth and Light Strike Array now have static cast time of 0.2s
  • Split Earth now follows stun’s diminishing returns
  • Disabled all hero color change effects for a while (Skadi, etc.)
  • Removed Split Earth dummy HP bar
  • Fixed Ice blast manabar
  • Fixed rm4 mode string

Fixes & Features
Added Alt-clicking functionality for abilities and items: You can now alt+leftclick on abilities/useable items to tell your team if it’s ready or still on cooldown
Added new visuals for Scroll of Teleportation
Fixed Bloodrage providing way too much bonus damage
Fixed Quelling Blade not working correctly
Fixed multiple Doom/Duel sources not stacking properly
Fixed some projectiles could be stuck forever if disjointed
Fixed Rearm’s Aghanim tooltip
Fixed coloring rules of some units
Fixed some skills being visually displayed as a green square on allies
Fixed rare bug with Icepath causing permanent stun effect
Fixed hero disappearing whenever Meat Hook ingame
(?)Fixed swap-abuse causing duplicated spells on allied heroes
Fixed Roshan being affected by Flamebreak
Fixed Time Lapse (Aghanim) using the caster’s data instead of the target’s
Fixed Bloodrage didn’t work if you kill enemies using dummy units (e.g. Counter Helix)
Fixed Devour malfunction if the target has been killed mid-cast
Fixed Rearm could be picked with Exorcism and couldn’t with Headshot
Multicast now properly works with Powershot, targeting the same coordinates each multicasted shot
Disabled ability to use -wtf or -test when GHOST hostbot has already automatically used a shortmode
Fixed Culling Blade potentially granting permanent buff
Fixed Chronosphere functions (no longer allows Eyes in the forest to act, for instance)
Fixed some unit color issues
Fixed issues with heroes who die while being Supernova’d
Fixed Talon Queen endgame scoreboard icon
Fixed Decay stolen STR could stay forever under some circumstances
Fixed Reincarnation abuses with Supernova, Infest
Fixed Carrion Swarm dealing less damage than intended
Fixed Essence Aura never triggering for Arcane Orb manual casting
Fixed Orchid only giving 22 damage instead of 30
Fixed Chain Frost (Agh) dealing less damage than intended
Fixed Dark Rift error message potentially being postponed forever until the target dies due to natural reasons (after successful teleportation)
Fixed Primal Split Earth Panda Stomp malfunction
Fixed Time walk missing its slow effect
Fixed Sunder malfunctioning
Sunder no longer provides microstun, altered Sunder’s order ID
Fixed Corrosive Breath not being dispellable
Fixed Dispersion protecting the owner from some passive abilities of an enemy attacker
Fixed Lightning Bolt incorrect damage on level 3-4
Fixed Global Silence icon
Fixed Global Silence (aghanim) incorrect duration
Improved AFK system a bit
Added control abuse prevention system: whenever anyone is trying to control your hero to drop/attack one of your items, that order won’t go through and you’ll be notified
Fixed Circle of Power being able to use items
Fixed Soul Steal draining more HP per second than intended
Fixed Aegis running out not providing healing effect
Fixed Mirror Image-based skills (Phantasm / Mirror image / Manta Style) spawning incorrect illusion types when combined with other illusions-summoning abilities

Ogre Lord STR from 21+3.0 to 21+2.6
Shapeshift crit chance from 40% to 30%, duration from 18 to 16s.
Shadowraze static cast time from 0.3 to 0.2
Adaptiveness no longer gives +10% oneshot to everyone, now only to AGI with 20% chance (as before)
Adaptiveness INT: +20/25/30 INT, AGI: +15/20/25 AGI, STR: +10/15/20 STR
Bloodrage (new) bonus dmg from 20/25/30/35% to 18/22/26/30% , CD from 12/10/8/6 to 11/10/9/8, duration from 9/10/11/12 to 9
Drums of War stat bonus from 6/8/10 to 7, bonus damage from 10/15/20 to 10/12/14, AS from 6/8/10 to 4/6/8
Perma invisibility fade time from 8/6/4/2 to 7/6/5/4s
Rescaled Pulse Nova (Agh) damage from 160/180/200 to 120/160/200
Dispersion now reflects the same damage type as the source’s damage type

Other Features
Added chat commands -mute # (alias to squelch but doesn’t require player’s name, only his slot, e.g. -mute 5)
Added chat commands -unmute # (alias to unsquelch but doesn’t require player’s name, only his slot, e.g. -unmute 5)
Fixed -bind cmd issues when binding 2-digits button index
Chat -bind reset now re-add all the keys from the config automatically back

Updated configuration file content (Same as 6.88 DotA now)
Added chat commands / config.lod support for:
-hpbar (Dota2HPbars)
-ws (WideScreen)
-window (LockMouseAtWindow)
-betterfps (BetterFPS)
-plat #

HCL strings
rm1 -> “-mds6fnfrboscdurcff3ls”
rm2 -> “mdd2s6fnfrscdurcffbo3ls”
rm3 -> “sdd3s6fnfrscdurcffbolsos”
rm4 -> “ardms6fnfrscdurcffbolsul”
rm5 -> “aps6fnfrscdurcffbols”
rm6 -> “mdd2s6fnfrscdurcffbolsulai”
rm7 -> “ardms6fnfrscdurcffbolsulom”
rm8 -> “mdd2s6fnfrscdurcffbolsulidpm

Download:  DotA LoD 6.85m5.w3x (8060.88 kB – downloaded 3546 times.)