Config.dota and config.lod hotkey

Configuration file dota map 6.88 and lod from

DotA 6.88 includes a completely new way to manage your ingame settings: a text-configuration file. After having started DotA 6.88 once, a file named “config.dota” will be created in your Warcraft 3 root folder. This file can be opened and edited with any text editor such as Notepad, it is a plain text file.

Click here to download config.dota file with default settings.
Click here to download config.lod file with default settings.

The configuration file is divided by four categories: Hotkeys, Game Options, Visuals, OnStart. They can be easily distinguished by the square brackets:

You can assign any key to any skill or item slot. It will override the button’s default action – you don’t have to worry about unbinding the Space key or any other special hardcoded wc3 key (the hotkeys in the config file are always the most important ones). This function also filters out inputs inside the “Chat” window, chatting will not be affected.

As said in the config file’s description, you can find all key IDs in HEX form on this page.

You have to use HEX-code of the key, like “0x20” for Space. You can also add a single modifier to the key; either Alt, Ctrl or Shift. This allows having your whole inventory and skillset bound to specifically modified keybinds (like ALT+R) that are used by WC3.

There are also couple of hot-binds like “Space”, “F1”-“F9”, which can be used directly, even without using the HEX value. However, it is not possible to add any modifiers (Alt, Ctrl, Shift) to Space and F1-F9.

Nowsettings:, about binding 

Take a loot at the picture. Item slots 1-6 are self-explanatory, and skills are ordered as shown. Extra-binds like “BindMove”, “BindStop” are used on the same cell as named skill (default layout). Default ingame hotkeys won’t change and also will be available, unless you override the original key with another bind.

Extra-setting “ShopsQWERTY” allows auto-binding every shop to the QWERTY-layout. QWER for top row, ASDF for middle, and ZXCV for lower. This option doesn’t have any extra settings.

Below those you can spot hotkeys for neutral rectangles hightlight and tower’s AoE indicators:

Value 0x12 stands for Alt. These fields only support single hotkey, no combinations allowed.

Game options

  • MaxFPS

On low-tier PCs, WC3 still tries to render 64 frames every second. Lowering this value reduces overheating and slightly increases (non-laggy) the game’s visuals.
Default value: 64.

  • AutoFPSLimit

When your PC is under heavy load, this option will automatically change the MaxFPS setting, decreasing your max frames but increasing visuals. Again: only use if you have FPS issues.
Default state: disabled (false).

  • LockMouseAtWindow

Keeps your mouse cursor in the game’s window. Only useful if you’re playing in windowed mode.
Default state: true (used to be disabled in previous builds).

  • AutoselectHero

Will automatically re-select your primary hero if you right click or press a key while having no controllable unit selected.
Default state: enabled (true).

  • CaptionsOverCreeps

Outdated option, no longer relevant. Can be seen in older releases.

  • DotA2HPBars

Turns HP bars of ally units to green color, and enemies to red. Has an ingame chat command: “-hpbar”. Disabled for a while (unavailable).
Default state: disabled (false).

  • DisplayManabars

Toggles manabars. Has an ingame chat command: “-manabar”. Disabled for a while (unavailable).
Default state: enabled (true).

  • WideScreen

Properly increase Field of view to fit 16:9 displays. Has an ingame chat command: “-ws”.
Default state: disabled (false).

  • TeleportationCanOnlyBeStoppedSoft

Everytime you teleport somewhere, you can accidently right click at something, wasting the TP. This option adds a secondary unit (your own Circle of Power) to your command card so your order will be delayed until you finish channeling. Doesn’t prevent any hotkeys from interrupting channeling, so you can press Stop whenever you want.
Default state: enabled (true).

  • TeleportationCanOnlyBeStopped

Same as the setting above, but only uses hardcoded key block, effectively preventing any accidental TP interrupt by a key press or a mouse click. When this option is enabled, you can only interrupt teleportation with the Stop or Hold hotkeys (S and H by default). Any other input will be ignored.
Default state: disabled (false).

  • CloseWC3EveryGame

Causes game to close itself after every non-single player game to avoid issues with memory cleaning. Temporary solution.

Default state: disabled (false).


  • Weather

Allows choosing the active weather effect. Equal to using -weather chat command. Supports all the same modifiers: snow, moonlight, wind, random.
Default value: none (empty line).

  • FogDensity

Allows changing of your minimap’s fog density. Only accepts value between 0 and 255. The lower, the darker your minimap will be.
Default value: 192.

  • AlwaysDisplayRangeMarkers

This option makes all tower’s attack ranges constantly visible, even if you’re not holding the hotkey (Alt).
Default state: disabled (false).

  • AlwaysDisplayHPRegen

Displays the HP regeneration of the unit, even if you’re not holding the hotkey (Alt), toggling to the maximum HP value in the HP panel of your hero. Does NOT have to do with HPbars over creeps, heroes, etc.
Default state: disabled (false).

  • SameSelectionCircleForEveryone

Unifies visual selection circles of every hero to the same width, which effectively makes their HP bars equal as well.
Default state: disabled (false).

  • AdvancedTooltips

This option allows to see extra data about your attack, spell resistance and item owners, when you hover over the icons in your hero and item panels.
Default state: enabled (true).

  • DisplayRegeneration

Enable or disable unit’s regeneration info being visible while holding Alt or using AlwaysDisplayHPRegen option.
Default value: enabled (true).

  • CustomFPSInfo

Adds memory consumption metric to the /fps command output.
Default state: enabled (true).

  • EscClearsChat

Pressing ESC will clear game chat.
Default state: enabled (true)

  • EscClearsPlayersChat

Pressing ESC will clear player’s chat.
Default state: enabled (true)

  • GoodMinimap

Enables gray minimap with better texture. Fits for professional players.
Default state: disabled (false)

  • ProperColorsForCreeps

Turns Scourge & Sentinel units to Green and Red colors on the minimap. By default they keeps dark-blue color.
Default state: disabled (false)

On start
This is a very simple block of lines which will be entered in the chat at the start of the game. Every line takes 0.3 second to get typed, so you may accidently interrupt it by your own inputs. Make sure to allow all the commands (enable them in the above settings) to be typed first, before you make your own inputs.

By default all lines are emtpy. You may use ingame chat options here, or anything else you’d like to send to chat at the very start.