Game.dll – Remove The map is too big

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Starting from DotA Allstars 6.88, we locked it out for Warcraft 3′ patches 1.26 and 1.27a. Reasons are simple – these two versions allow to work directly with game’s inneries. Thanks for that, we managed to implement all those cool features and possibilities, which were completely unavailable before. Lately, starting from 1.27b, this possibility has been removed, so we can’t simple move on.

Moreover, even if we could find some other ways to implement what we want, there are tons of work to re-do things just to fit another new patch. Yet again, none of those patches ever make sense, neither for players, neither for mapmakers. It’s pure waste of time for all of us. If you’re honest buyer, you’re already in right to download pirated WC3 version 1.26 as “downgraded” alternative client for playing DotA.

So, there will not be any DotA Allstars for latest WC3 patches. Blizzard refused to communicate and completely ignored all the questions, when it was all about them. We can’t do that, they do not want help us.

If you’re want to play newest versions of DotA in your local LAN or cafe or whatever, you will see error “Map’s file too big”. It will appear either on creating or joining to the lobby. In order to solve it, you have to provide all the players with patched “game.dll” file. That’s main file of the Warcraft 3, which provides file size measurments. Replace default file, located at the game’s folder, with patched.

Once downloaded, close Wacraft 3 (if running), extract the file, replace default “game.dll”, done. Probably you’d like to backup original file, just in case.

All players have to have patched Game.dll file. It could be counted as a cheat by some anti-cheats, so don’t use this in case if you’re playing on some server with antihack protection, else you’ll end up banned, unless told otherwise.

Before proceeding, create a backup of your original game.dll file.
1. Extract the Game-dll – Warcraft III 8mb Limit
2. Choose the version of your game and extract.
3. Copy and paste file game.dll on your Warcraft III folder
4. Done.

Download: Game.dll – Warcraft III 8mb Limit (3846.92 kB – downloaded 1784 times.)