Dota 6.88×5 RGC changelog

Dota 6.88x4 RGC

Getdota map DotA_Allstars_6.88×5.w3x RGC full changelogs and download.

Dota map created by Icefrog, Edit and update by DracoL1ch (December/15/2018)


  • If config option AdvancedStatsIconDisabled toggled off (false), you will see selected player’s current gold instead of your gold (can’t see enemy’s gold)
  • Fixed Eul and Tornado not providing dispel
  • Fixed Eul and Tornado not affecting flying targets
  • Fixed Drow Ranger’s silence causing unit to become permanently silenced or immune to silence
  • Fixed Healing ward healing 10x less than indented

Dota 88X4:


  • Fixed difference in AI between Sentinel’s and Scourge’s towers
  • Fixed ranged attacks not displaying critical hit numbers
  • Wards and similar summons are no longer valid targets for critical strikes or bashes
  • Post-game results table now displays some relevant data
  • Issuing chain of orders will now automatically reset targeting cursor
  • Fixed some crashes on exiting game
  • Game score table now displays current player’s streak next to his nicknames in square brackets
  • Secret Shops are now instantly available when you come in range (same as side shops)
  • Cooldown is now displayed even if ability is silenced
  • Fixed bug with Tornado-based abilities putting enemy to sleep instead of Tornado
  • Couriers nearby Roshan’s pit will now be revealed for everyone who stands inside the Roshan’s Pit
  • Added music “-music humanx1” for yet another music track
  • Chat command -music no longer case-dependant
  • Fixed SelectYourHero config’s hotkey malfunctioning when Swap has been used
  • Added “rst” alias to “risitas”
  • VIP pass now grants 100% hero ban chance at AP banning phase
  • Max camera height multiplier reduced from 3 to 2.2 (direct number limit is still 3000)
  • Fixed replay name not being correct after using -swap command
  • Added option DisableMySexyAnnouncer to disable Sexy announcer if you have one
  • Using -nowheel will now reset current camera view angle to default

Dota 6.88x4 screenshot


  • Fixed abuse with clones selling items
  • Meepo Clones now receive green stats instead of white from attributes of main Meepo
  • Meepo Clones no longer have static attributes – they can be stolen properly now
  • Each Meepo clone is independant from the primary one, but permanent Int steal still happens only on the primary Meepo, even if clone has been killed instead
  • Fixed rare bug when Pounce’s damage kills the target causing it to become permanently Pounced
  • Fixed Shallow Grave being penetrated when multiple damage instances are coming together (Impetus and similar)
  • Fixed Frost Nova AoE being way too big
  • Fixed Silence interrupting Charge of Darkness whenever Empowering Haste learned
  • Fixed Last Word interaction with Charge of Darkness
  • Double-clicking on stone remnant will now always place the stone right before the caster
  • Fixed Shadow Dance passive part not working while under effect of poison from neutral Gnolls
  • Sleight of Fist now properly applies negative armor of Desolator
  • Issuing other orders while Sleight of Fist’ing will no longer cause some enemies receiving 0 damage (attack won’t be cancelled anymore)
  • Added Aghanim Scepter to Drow Ranger: adds Split Arrows ability, which causes Drow Ranger to perform instant attacks on 2 closest visible enemies around the primary target. These attacks deal half of normal damage but can proc any on-attack effect, including critical strike and orb-effects.
  • Fixed Ghost Ship Hangover could take away less HP than supposed to
  • Fixed Track giving bonus gold to dead allies in range
  • Thunder Clap (doom) now properly counted as magical damage
  • War Stomp (doom) now properly counted as magical damage
  • Winter’s Curse can no longer be dispelled even for split second
  • Fixed bug with Spirit Bear not dropping droppable items
  • Fixed Side Gunner putting Gyrocopter to sleep when attacking Nightmare’d target
  • Side Gunner will no longer wake up sleeping target – it still can attack the enemy and deal damage nevertheless
  • Fixed Stifling Dagger putting Mortred to sleep when attacking Nightmare’d target
  • Fixed rare bug when Slark could avoid death from Ice Blast using Dark Pact
  • Fixed Skewer not interrupting Charge of Darkness
  • Fixed Skewer not being interrupted by other sources of Forced Movement
  • Fixed inability to cast Decrepify onto Tombstone
  • Removed damage numbers appearing on Quill Spray
  • Using Infestation’s Consume will no longer auto-clear current selection
  • Aghanim updated Electric Vortex no longer pulls invisible or invulnerable enemies
  • Aghanim updated Nasal Goo no longer being casted onto invisible or invulnerable enemies
  • Magnetic Field now affects creep-heroes as well
  • Healing Ward’s healing no longer stacks
  • Fixed Walrus Punch’s slow being applied after air time instead of before (same duration, only affects dispeling)
  • Fixed Snowball effective AoE being higher than supposed to
  • Fixed Duel sometimes couldn’t find it’s target
  • Fixed rare bug with invulnerable Tempest Double being controllable
  • Infest will now dispel The Swarm’s beetle
  • Assimilation will now dispel The Swarm’s beetle
  • Primal Split will now dispel The Swarm’s beetle
  • Fixed Spirit Siphon dealing slightly more damage than intended
  • Fixed Skewer not stunning enemies properly, allowing them to act
  • Improved Shackleshot visual
  • Fatal Bonds’s visual link will only appear if targets are closer than 1000 range from the attacked unit and both are not invisible
  • Fixed Relocate moving camera even if hero wasn’t relocated
  • Killing Power Cog will now dispel Battle Hunger
  • Fixed Thundergod’s Wrath not affecting Arc Warden’s clone
  • Fixed Shadow Dance remaining forever if Rubick dies
  • Added debuff icon for Meld
  • Fixed rare case of Chain Frost getting stuck
  • Fixed Essence Shift affecting allies
  • Fixed bug with Smoke Screen and Thrall ulti when Tornado’d targets are not being silenced on landing immediately
  • Drunken Brawler’s guaranteed crit will not be removed when attacking structures and won’t start it’s cooldown
  • Fixed Shackleshot penetrating magic immunity
  • Troll’s Whirling Axes are no longer hidden and visible on the panel (still disabled and only available while hero is in proper form)
  • Fixed visual bug with Carrion Swarm
  • Fixed Dismember’s channeling not interrupting sometimes when used into Linken’s Sphere
  • Fixed Dark Rift couldn’t target Fountain directly but only by clicking ground
  • Fixed Natural Order affecting nearby enemies if they stand next to dead Chieftain, not leaving the area
  • Fixed reflected Omnislash could change hero’s color tint


  • You can now buy Tome of Experience, Wards, Smoke and Gem from enemy’s base wasting it’s supply on your own shop (still cannot rob enemy’s shop)
  • Fixed Illusion rune not working while unit being spell immunte
  • Fixed Soul Ring increasing mana incorrectly
  • Fixed rare bug with combining multiple items at once with full inventory
  • Fixed Bloodthorn tooltip saying “30% crit chance” instead of 20%
  • Fixed Buriza using outdated 25% crit chance instead of 30%
  • Silver Edge no longer penetrates Untouchable’s slow on attack, you have to make this attack damage to proc at first
  • BKB and Repel buffs are no longer replaceable by each other
  • Fixed lightnings of Maelstrom could target wards
  • Lion’s and SK’s Impales are now blockable by Linken’s Sphere, no matter if targeted directly or not
  • Bottle no longer auto-applies when dropped onto an ally, use Control+Bottle hotkey to enable targeting
  • Dominated unit will die if you don’t carry Helm of the Dominator longer that 10 seconds
  • Ensnare is now blocked by Linken’s Sphere on projectile hit instead of projectile start
  • Added charges indicator to bottle and duration of BKB
  • Fixed Dust of Appearance not applying special effect onto illusions
  • Reduced courier’s vision range to minimum
  • Fixed Orb of venom affecting allies
  • Fixed Echo Sabre slowing down spell immune targets
  • Fixed Heart of Tarrasque not healing if hero is hidden (Primal Split/Infest/Assimilate)

DotA Allstars 6.88 can be launched on Warcraft 3 version 1.26 ONLY. Any other patch won’t work, game will end up crashing.
File size of DotA Allstars 6.88 is bigger than 8 MB, which makes it’s impossible to host over the LAN or any game server without special patch. use this:  Game.dll – Warcraft III 8mb Limit Remover
In case if you want to play 88+ patches on Garena make sure you downloaded map from here and installed Garena Total v5.9.1. In case if you go on without GarenaTotal, game will crash soon due to Garena’s issues.

Dota 6.88×5 RGC download links: (47.88 MB)!QFAiRSbL!EDWTDkuIknTfV-ubXRNg5IdqpwheDSs7_A-VU7OSR5Q