Dota v6.90a8 changelog

Map Dota Allstars v6.90a8 full changelogs and download (December/23/2019)


  • Fixed on-attack events malfunction
  • Huskar’s 25 Talent changed from Burning Spears Pure Damage to Divine damage (magic immune penetrating) (still unable to target spell immune)
  • Bone Fletcher’s 15th Right Talent changed from +15 Str to 15% Cooldown Reduce
  • Poison arrows now update it’s cast range on order rather than on cast (that means 1st shot is no longer use previous range)
  • Fixed abuse with Essence aura and 0-cd abilities
  • Fixed Sammy-face on Pugna’s Decrepify
  • Fixed Anti-Mage burning 2x mana per hit than intended
  • Fixed illusions with Manabreak talents not dealing damage intended by the burn
  • Fixed Ember Spirit staying still after Sleight of Fist
  • Fixed Statis Storm (agh) applying silence even on spell immune enemies
  • Fixed consumables could be shared between allies (not intended to)
  • Fixed bug with Couriers converting allied items to owned ones
  • Added “auto-attack after cast” support to Medallion of Courage, Solar Crest, Dagon, Guinsoo’s Hex
  • Returned classic charges number indicator to Templar Assassin (only displayed when there are 6 charges or less)
  • Fixed bug with inability to share a ward with an ally who has no item slots available but one of his slots is wards



    • Every hero now starts with 3 TP Scrolls equipped
    • Scroll of TP now starts with cooldown, which ends when first creep wave spawns
    • Fixed Chain Frost cooldown being 145/115/60 instead of 120/90/60
  • Fixed Blink Dagger not using extra cast range from Talents
  • Fixed Torrent affecting invulnerable units
  • Fixed Unrefined Fireblast not wasting mana when casted on Linken’s Sphere
  • Unrefined Fireblast now counts all manacost reductions as well
  • Relocate now properly stops forced movement effects
  • Toss can no longer toss invulnerable units
  • Fixed Thunder Clap’s talent not affecting Primal Split’s clap
  • Fixed Ghost Form (Kotl) movespeed not being updated to proper 335
  • Added auto-attack onto the target for Orchid, Bloodthorn, Urn of Shadows, Abyssal Blade (when an enemy targeted, attack will be queued unless player has queued another order)


    • Fixed bug with miss chance being calculated later than expected
    • Improved creeps behavior when affected by Fear effects
    • Fixed learning talent while morphed (Kotl/Sven) leaving basic form’s MS untouched
    • Fixed Ice Blast could ignore hero’s HP being below the treshold if he kept blocking it’s periodic damage
  • Fixed Spell Steal could use upgraded Gush version without Aghanim
  • Fixed Untouchable lasting forever until a hero is attacked
  • Fixed Frost Armor healing affecting Tombstone
  • Fixed Split Shot damage type piercing armor
  • Fixed yet another bug with Meepo and Aegis
  • Fixed Shrapnel charges talent bug
  • Fixed bug with Doppelganger and Manta causing hero’s malfunctioning
  • Fixed Scroll of TP could be wasted by casting onto the fountain when already standing at the fountain
  • Talents chosen are now stored inside replay data as well with category “Talent#” and value equal to TalentNumber*10+ChoiceIndex (1-2, left-right)
  • Means Player 8 picking level 10 right talent will leave “Talent8″=1*10+2 (12, right)
  • Means Player 7 picking level 20 left talent will leave “Talent7″=3*10+1 (31, left)


  • Fixed Spectre losing it’s flying movement from Shadow Dagger when casting Haunt
  • Fixed Meepo dying permanently when killed after usage of Aegis
  • Fortune’s End now provides vision over targets for roots duration instead of 0.5 seconds
  • Fixed Tombstone’s zombied not dying when Phoenix enters Supernova
  • Fixed Supernova jumping around when there are units nearby it
  • Fixed Electric Vortex (Aghanim) always lasting for 0.5s
  • Blackhole will now interrupt any Forced Movement ability (like Skewer)
  • Fixed Toss not being able to Toss allied invisible units
  • Smart attack cooldown increased from 0.1 to 0.2
  • Fixed group leak caused by Caustic Finale, Electric Vortex and Searing Arrows multishot talent 
  • Fixed bug with Movespeed bonus Talents causing hero to move too fast
  • Fixed Death Coil creating projectils toward spell immune and invulnerable units
  • Fixed using Sleight Of Fist while previous Sleight of Fist still taking effect
  • Fixed Land mines becoming solid objects when upgraded with Talent
  • Fixed Courier not passing TP scroll properly when 6-slotted
  • Fixed Darkness reducing vision for units it isn’t supposed to affect
  • Fixed Shackleshot’s visual staying when one of affected units are dispelled the stun
  • Fixed Bladedury being interrupted by Mask of Madness
  • Fixed Doom (Agh) not applying Break effect on the target
  • Fixed Evasion chance displayed being off by 1%
  • Fixed rare bug with projectiles flying to the center of the map


  • Radiance no longer affect neutral Ancient creeps

Quelling Blade

  • No longer increases a percentage (40%/15%) of base damage.
  • Now provides +24/7 bonus damage against non-hero units.
  • Doesn’t stack with itself or Iron Talon
  • Bonus damage now works against Roshan.

Iron Talon

  • No longer increases a percentage (40%/15%) of base damage.
  • Now provides +24/7 bonus damage against non-hero units.
  • Doesn’t stack with itself or Quelling Blade
  • Bonus damage now works against Roshan.


  • Invoke no longer costs any mana, even without the Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Magic Wand max charges increased from 17 to 20
  • Tranquil Boots no longer Break when attacking non-heroes (still can be broken if attacked by any unit)


  • Fixed replays and observers desyncing
  • Fixed Morphling’s talent 4-1 causing 4x extra Adaptive strikes instead of 3x
  • Fixed bug with Tricks of the Trade allowing to stack the damage
  • Fixed endless Silence caused by Doom (Aghanim) when run out for it’s full duration
  • Fixed (?) Stasis trap could die before applying stun, which caused it not to stun anyone around
  • Fixed Antimage could get insane spell resistance using Manta Style
  • Fixed Rupture (agh) didn’t wasting a charge when blocked by Linken
  • Fixed Sammy face caused by Fire Breath with Talent
  • Fixed lack of visual effect on Talented Liquid Fire
  • WTF mode: TP scroll no longer consumed when used, fixed item’s cooldown not being resetted
  • Homing missile now deals damage basing on the distance it flew rather than the distance between cast point and finish point


  • Fixed Meepo dying permanently again
  • Fixed Blade Fury silencing Teleport Scroll ability
  • Changed base Teleport hotkey from Q to J
  • If you want to keep it on Q, add “DoNotRewriteScrollOfTP=true” option in [HOTKEYS] section


  • All illusions now gain level-up whenever the source levels up. It makes it harder to detect the real hero
  • Scroll of TP now supports double-clicking it by mouse or hotkey (without -dch)
  • Fixed inventory silence (Doom) not blocking Scroll of TP
  • Fixed Tempest Double and other clones could level up talents instead of the main hero (Meepo still can)
  • Fixed Winter’s Curse malfunction
  • Fixed Visage’s 4th Familiar not having unique ID and Stone form order
  • Fixed Telekinezis always providing 0.75 aoe stun on landing
  • Fixed Firefly not dealing damage
  • Fixed Lion’s Hex always lasting 2.5 seconds
  • Fixed clone created by Nether swap (agh) didn’t benefit from Aghanim
  • Fixed Presence of Dark Lord not being updated with talents properly
  • Fixed Recall could be interrupted by non-player creeps
  • Fixed Recall being interrupted on nullified damage (False Promise, etc)
  • Fixed Recall not being interrupted by Kotl’s death if he had Reincarnation
  • Fixed Ghost Ship (agh) not being registered as a forced movement
  • Fixed Charge of Darkness not revealing Monkey King when he stands on trees
  • Fixed Alchemist’s BAT talent not affecting illusions



  • Fixed Invoker’s Sun Strike, Forged Spirits and Deafening Blast tooltips to fit talents effects
  • Fixed Oracle’s talent 1-2 not working
  • Fixed Untouchable’s talent not updating enemies’ attack speed under special circumstances
  • Fixed Magnus’ Shockwave talent not upgrading it’s Aghanim’d version
  • Fixed Spectral Dagger not providing flying state after the first 2 seconds
  • Fixed Undying’s Reincarnation talent preventing him from being affected by Skeleton King’s Aghanim
  • Fixed Tempest Double stacking Teleport charges
  • Fixed Rearm’s issues with upgradeable items
  • Fixed Slardar’s cooldown reduction talent still not working fine
  • Fixed Liquid Fire cast range not increasing from Talent
  • Fixed Arc Warden’s Tempest Double not receiving some talents under special conditions
  • Fixed Tether’d attacks talent didn’t work when Tethered with a creep


  • Hero Skill Points are no longer shown on the panel when aren’t usable
  • Fixed crash caused by Wall of Replica with talent when casted next to map’s boundaries
  • Fixed some bugs with unpathable terrain on the top of the map
  • Fixed Advanced HUD didn’t work for LAN games
  • Talents and TP scroll are now visible inside replays
  • Fixed crash with alt-clicks on TP scrolls and Talents


  • Fixed Shadow Dance lasting forever with Aghanim
  • Fixed Chaos Bolt could target allies
  • Fixed Soul Assumption couldn’t use 6th charge due to rounding error
  • Fixed Thunder Strike’s not prolonging previous cast on the same target
  • Fixed Duel’s permanent silence bug
  • Fixed small visual issues with charges display on Refraction



  • Fixed PL’s skin
  • Added config option “EnableNewUIOverlay” into [VISUALS] to toggle new overlay (by default – false)
  • Fixed Meepo dying permanently on his second death
  • Fixed Pounce having insane jump distance
  • Fixed double-tapping Sunstrike hotkey didn’t provide Cataclysm (-dch should be enabled anyway, else you have to aim at onto Invoker’s portrait)
  • Fixed Shadow Word lasting forever
  • Fixed Land Mines still going on CD when trying to place it next to each other
  • Added shield counter on Refraction’s icon
  • Fixed Monkey King’s Tree Dance AoE didn’t show proper range when upgraded with extra cast range
  • Fixed Spectral Dagger not using proper skin’s data
  • Fixed Razor’s skin not using proper models
  • Fixed Silencer’s ultimate being broken
  • Fixed Boots of Travel applying cooldown onto Scroll of TP on cast instead of on finish of the channeling
  • Added chat command -xp to display amount of XP your hero receives
  • Desolate hotkey changed from T to V (oopsy)


  • Lightning Bolt can now affect creep-heroes when targeted on ground instead of being wasted
  • Skewer now affects creep-heroes


  • Talents and TP scroll now support any hotkeys, including hex-based and with modifiers (Alt/Ctrl/Shift)
  • Fixed Alt-clicks on enemy’s scrolls
  • Fixed buying Scroll of TP with full inventory caused it to drop on the ground
  • Fixed (?) BKB not supporting cooldown reduction


  • Fixed Lich’s Frost Armor talent not working
  • Fixed Undying’s Reincranation ability not using cooldown reduce techniques
  • Fixed Treant Protector’s 4-2 talent not updating old Eyes vision range
  • Fixed Broodmother’s 4-1 talent not working
  • Fixed Anti-mage talent for Spell Shield reduced the bonus instead of increasing
  • Fixed Phantom Lancer’s 4-2 talent not working
  • Fixed Enchantress’s talent not providing visual Wisps
  • Fixed Kotl’s talent 3-2 not working
  • Fixed Zeus’ talent 4-1 not working when Arc Lightning is level 4
  • Fixed Techies’ talent 4-1 not working on other mines beside Land mines
  • Fixed Lion’s talent 4-2 not working
  • Fixed Rubick’s talent 4-1 not working
  • Fixed Abaddon’s Aphotic Shield talent not affecting it’s blast damage
  • Fixed Slardar’s talent 4-2 not working, adjusted cooldown reduction from 4.5 to 2.5
  • Fixed Spirit Breaker’s 3-1 talent to reduce Nether Strike’s cooldown by 50% instead of 30s cd reduction
  • Fixed Meepo’s talent not working whenever Divided We Stand is learned
  • Fixed Bane’s talent 3-2 not slowing enemy’s attack speed
  • Fixed Necrolyte’s talent 4-1 not working
  • Fixed WL’s talent 3-2 not working
  • Fixed Rubick’s talent 1-2 giving GPM instead of health
  • Troll’s talent 4-1 now provides strong dispel
  • Fixed Dazzle’s 4-2 talent not working
  • Fixed THD’s 4-2 talent not working
  • Fixed Rexxar’s 1-2 talent not working
  • Fixed Wisp’s 3-1 talent not working
  • Fixed Alchemist’s cleave talent being visible on the command bar
  • Fixed Bristlebacks’ 4-1 talent could leave permanent bonus damage
  • Fixed Tuskar could benefit of 4-2 talent without even picking it
  • Fixed Warlock’s talent 4-1 had broken icon on the Infernal
  • Fixed Night Stalker’s talents 2-1 and 4-1 being broken
  • Fixed Undying’s talent 2-1 not working
  • Fixed Lone Druid’s talent 2-1 not providing armor to already existing Bear
  • Fixed Lanaya’s talent 3-1 displaying dummy face on the target
  • Fixed Searing Chains not dealing damage for extra second taken from the talent
  • Fixed Sand King’s talent 2-2 not working
  • Fixed Venomancer’s talents 2-1 and 4-2 not working
  • Fixed Slark’s talent 4-2 not working
  • Fixed Winter Wyvern’s talents 4-2 and 2-1 not working
  • Fixed Sniper’s talent 4-1 giving more charges if Shrapnel wasn’t learned yet


Introduced Talents

On 10, 15, 20 and 25 levels the hero can learn one of special bonuses. It costs 1 skill point just like other skill learning. Attribute bonus removed completely.


Introduced Scroll of Teleportation slot

Each hero (and Spirit Bear) now has a special slot designed for Scroll of Teleportation. It cannot be dropped anymore, but doesn’t take inventory slot neither.


Improved UI

Added manacost and hotkeys overlay on every ability. It doesn’t support custom hotkeys made by config file yet, but will support it next versions.


  • Added config option “DisableIngameCameraMoveEvents” inside [VISUALS] to prevent camera movements on controlled hero respawn
  • Added config option “QuickCastAttack” inside [HOTKEYS] to bind Quick cast-Attack
  • Added config option “TeleportScrollHotkey” inside [HOTKEYS] to bind new Scroll of TP slot, by default “Q” (“J”).
  • Added config option “TalentsMenuHotkey” inside [HOTKEYS] to bind Talent Tree menu. Supports a single hotkey only (no modifiers). Default value – “U”.
  • -hidemsg will now hide Double Kill/Triple Kill/etc messages

Fixes, balance changes

  • Fixed rare bug with hero not being respawned when killed
  • Diabolic Edict now continue at the location of death even if the caster is alive somewhere else now
  • Psionic Traps now deals small damage over time when fully charged
  • Pit Lord’s Aura now provides small permanent bonus for killed heroes
  • Bounty Hunter is now able to cast Track without interrupting Wind Walk
  • Fixed Winter’s Curse provoking spell immune heroes to attack the target
  • Telekinesis’ Landing is now Forced Movement as well
  • Fixed some abilities being detected as an item ability making it unstealable by Rubick
  • Fixed Rubick not being able to use Second Chakram after the first use
  • Rubick will now copy base abilities level from Brewmaster when stealing Primal Split with Aghanim equipped
  • Fixed Bladefury’s effect preventing Juggernaut from using on-attack effects (Orb of Venom, etc)
  • Fixed some abilities still affecting non-interactible heroes
  • Fixed Brewmaster being able to cancel Primal Split effect, wasting mana and cooldown
  • Pounce is now counts as a forced movement and interrupts accordingly
  • Glimpse now properly works on Clone heroes
  • Static Storm (Agh) now properly mute items on spell cast instead of having 0.25s delay
  • Fixed Static Storm incorrect damage distribution with Aghanim
  • Fixed rare bug with Unstable Concoction causing permanent stun
  • Fixed Assassinate, Fortune’s End, Stifling Dagger, Spawn Spiderlings, Death Coil, Toss, Dragon Tail, Shuriken Toss interaction with Lotus when the target dies due to spell’s effect
  • Fixed Smoke Screen interrupting Phase Shift or Tricks of the Trade
  • Fixed Phase Shift or Tricks of the Trade could delay Smoke Screen effect
  • Fixed Wind Lace bugging when upgraded to Eul’s Scepter
  • Fixed 87a5 change with Healing Ward auto-grouping not actually working
  • Fixed Ghost Shroud AoE being 600 instead of 750
  • Fixed Rod of Atos, Splitner Blast (secondary), Ethereal Blade (projectile), Shuriken Toss, Goo, Dragon Tail, Adaptive Strike, Assassinate, Spawn Spiderlings, Stifling Dagger affecting invulnerable and/or spell immune targets
  • Fixed Doppelgangering illusions still attacking enemies nearby
  • Fixed Disruption’s illusions not being added to proper unit groups of SD’s player (SelectAllOtherUnits etc)
  • Fortune’s End can now target Cycloned targets
  • Fixed Overgrowth with Aghanim not counting destroyed trees properly
  • Ice Blast will no longer proc on 0-damage instances at all
  • Fixed rare bug with Static Link and it’s debuff
  • Fixed Omnislash could target invulnerable targets on cast
  • Fixed lag on Monkey’s King ultimate cast
  • Fixed Fire Remnant using 2 charges when casted from Sleight of Fist
  • Fixed more issues with silence area effects (Smoke Screen) and invulnerable heroes
  • Fixed rare bug with Shuriken Toss
  • Fixed (?) rare bug with Nightmare taking away unit’s vision forever
  • Fixed inability to hex illusions of Terrorblade morphed with Metamophosis
  • Fixed Primal Spring slowing attack speed of the targets as well (should be MS reduction only)
  • Fixed Fiend’s Grip’s damage with and w/o Aghanim being reversed (non-agh had more damage)
  • Shackles, Fiend’s Grip, Flaming Lasso, Dismember can now target the same unit
  • Fixed Wall of Replica illusions not auto-attacking the hero they’re created by
  • Fixed Shadow Poison not applying on Disrupted enemy
  • Fixed Viper Strike couldn’t be prolonged/refreshed with a new spell instance
  • Fixed Geminate attack procing on invulnerable, ethereal, hidden or invisible enemies
  • Fixed Rupture tooltip
  • Fixed Boulder Smash having 1500 cast range instead of 2000
  • Fxied Boulder Smash’d stones traveling less than intended 2000 range
  • Fixed Goblin’s Green not working on some secondary units
  • Fixed missing Earthshock visual effect
  • Fixed Duel vs Lotus Orb granting way too much bonus damage
  • Riki’s Backstab now adds to his attack damage instead of being independant damage instance, can crit, cleave and lifesteal off it
  • Fixed Nimbus not being counted as a ward for damage manipulations (blademail etc)
  • Fixed Geomagnetic Grip silencing spell immune units
  • Fixed Tempest Double issues with Snowball
  • Fixed Flesh Golem not slowing down non-hero units
  • Time Dilation will no longer affect land creeps (no reason to)
  • Fixed Windrun slow effect not updating fast enough on the enemies
  • Fixed (?) rare bug when whole map got frozen/stuck for a few seconds
  • Fixed bug with Life Drain when Pugna couldn’t cancel it
  • Fixed Ice Wall’s damage not being increased by spell amplify
  • Demonic Purge can no longer target various wards and a-la wards units
  • Fixed bug with Meepo when killer could get multiple kill rewards by killing multiple clones instantly
  • Fixed Strygwyr’s Thirst working on hidden units
  • Fixed Supernova healing when an illusion hits it on the last HP
  • Fixed Aegis/Reincarnation couldn’t trigger on unpathable terrain
  • Fear-effect abilities now apply Silence effect on the targets
  • Fixed Weave not being dispelled on death


  • Fixed quick buy not recognizing some side shop’s items
  • Fixed mixed Wards disappering when heroes are swapped
  • Fixed Bottle’d rune not activating after 2 minutes
  • Fixed some recipes not supporting double-click auto-buy when used by a courier
  • Custom HUD (overlay with hero faces) should now work properly with all game modes, and no longer shown until hero pick stage starts
  • Ground courier’s MS increased from 350 to 380
  • Fixed Tango becoming non-shareable once a ward has been consumed by it
  • Fixed bug when courier couldn’t be upgraded into flying form
  • Improved Force Staff visual movement smoothness
  • Fixed Teleporting and Blinking not re-checking destination point for Area Silence sources (Static Storm) (Tinker is no longer able to shift-blink out of Static Storm (Agh))


  • Ancient neutrals are no longer spell immune, instead they have 70% magic resistance now
  • Wildkin’s Tornado no longer causes Neutrals to aggro onto the caster (this change doesn’t affect anyone but neutrals)
  • Fixed (?) neutral units not aggroing properly at some debuffs/spells


  • Presense of the Dark lord hotkey changed from P to F
  • Incapacitating Bite hotkey changed from P to C
  • Natural Order hotkey changed from N to D
  • Essence Shift hotkey changed from N to F
  • Unstable Current hotkey changed from N to T
  • Feral Impulse hotkey changed from I to R
  • Desolate hotkey changed from L to T
  • Dispersion hotkey changed from I to E
  • Caustic Finale hotkey changed from L to F
  • Lunar Blessing hotkey changed from L to G
  • Marksmanship hotkey changed from M to C
  • Geminate attack hotkey changed from K to G
  • Bristleback hotkey changed from K to C
  • Headshot hotkey changed from O to D
  • Jinada hotkey changed from J to D

Dota 6.90a8 RGC download links:

DotA_Allstars_6.90a8.w3x (84.5 MB) – Mirror: Dota 6.90a8 RGC