Dota 6.88e3 lod changelog

Get DotA_LoD_6.88e3.w3x RGC full changelogs: (September/25/2020)


Download map: Dota 6.88e3 lod



Make sure to also read v6.88e0 changes here: http://legendsofdota…dota-688e0-lod/

  • Fixed Shiva’s Guard active ability malfunction…
  • Fixed Poison Nova poisoning targets…
  • Fixed Rain of Chaos not stunning…
  • Fixed Stampede having Haunt sound on cast
  • Fixed Charge of Darkness does not allows to shift orders as it was intended but hero was standing still instead
  • Fixed Sammy Face caused by Phantom Strike speed
  • Fixed Necronomicon Warrior not deals damage to killer
  • Fixed hero walking during Tricks of the Trade sometimes
  • Fixed Blade Fury missing animation
  • Fixed (?) Formless delayed subskill removing
  • Fixed Bounty Rune picking up animation rules
  • Fixed Couriers becomes valid target for neutrals after changing their type
  • Selecting allied tavern no longer creates text about tavern’s ownership
  • Reduced Metamorphosis model scale from x1.0/1.1/1.1/1.1 to 0.85
  • Shallow Grave new visual effect is now visible for everyone instead of allies only
  • Timber Chain now kills exactly 1 tree, never skips to kill it nor kills more than 1
  • Tier 1 towers damage increased by 4 so they will kill ranged creeps from 4 hits from the very beginning.
  • Nether Strike now applies dispel on the victim between teleporting and other effects
  • Pocket Nuclear Charge manacost 125/150/175/200 -> 120/140/160/180
  • Presence of the Dark Lord armor reduction 3/4/5/6 -> 3.1/4.4/5.7/7.0
  • Acid Spray armor reduction 4/5/6/7 -> 3.1/4.4/5.7/7.0, DPS 14/20/26/32 -> 15/22/29/36
  • Manacost 130/140/150/160 -> 115/130/145/160, AoE 625 -> 475/525/575/625
  • Eyes in the Forest cooldown 35 -> 55/45/35 (depends on Overgrowth Upgraded level)






  • Updated unit turning even better
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed Summon Eagle ability stats
  • Fixed Tombstone taking too low damage from heroes
  • Fixed Eul’s
  • Fixed Hookshot breaks game
  • Fixed SelectCircleOfPower key not working
  • Added SelectBestCourier and SelectCircleOfPower into default config
  • Fixed Group error in Magnetic Field
  • Fixed Radiance visual effect
  • Fixed Lightning Bolt point of animations
  • Fixed Natural Order reduces not all armor on lane creeps
  • Fixed Natural Order cannot reduce armor by decimal amounts
  • Fixed Anchor Smash damage being less than intended
  • Fixed Mirror Image illusions being not selected with enabled selectionhelper
  • Fixed Firefly being not count as range morph
  • Fixed Elder Dragon Form not provides corrosive attack and splash attack for illusions
  • Fixed Assassinate and Nether Strike being continued channeled if target dies during it
  • Fixed Level 4 Lycanthropy Wolves being unaffected by Primal Split dispel
  • Fixed Ethereal Jaunt missing visual effect on point from where hero teleported
  • Fixed Phantom Strike being reduced by owner status resistance and attack speed bonus being less than intended
  • Fixed StartChatString21 being not readable


Quality of Life

Units without active abilities will not be affected by most Silences anymore (mostly AoE silences, in case if silence don’t have attached additional effects on it)
Units without passive abilities will not be affected by most Break effects
This used to decrease amount of effects on screen as well as improve perfomance

Moonshard can now be used on hero by Couriers

Waveform can now be cast at any point on map, traveling is limited by maximum range

Improved unit capturing by Power Cog

Global gameplay

Experience bounty for killed hero increased by 50 (all levels), simply removed decrementer

Reduced towers attack point from 0.6 to 0.2 to evade weird stuff where tower “attacks much further than it’s range”
Tower attack damage arc greatly reduced

Removed Flying Courier item
Couriers now getting upgrade to flying version at owner hero level 5
Unlocks Boost at level 10 (duration 4 -> 6, cooldown 90 -> 120)
And getting Divine Shield at hero level 20 (2 seconds invulnerability, cooldown 200)

HP limit to deny allied unit <50% hp -> <=50% hp (not strict, so e.g can deny with 1/2 or 2/4 hp)


Recoded Demonic Conversion, spawns Eidolons slightly in side of each other multiply ability works “better”
Also now they they multiplies at end of 6th (less with Synergy) attack instead of at beginning of 7th
Same changes applied to Raise Dead zombies
Raise Dead cooldown and duration 30 -> 40, now also costs 8/10/12/14% of current hp to be cast, manacost retains same

Reworked Frost Armor to Frost Shield
Grants target unit slowing aura (9/12/15/18% movespeed slow for 0.5 sec while under aura, slow is undispellable)
Grants protection from attack / cleave / splash damage for 30/40/50/60%
AoE 600
Deals 20/30/40/50 magical damage in area every second
Lasts 6 seconds
Manacost 100/110/120/130
Cooldown 30/25/20/15

Dark Ritual temporary removed until getting good idea for replacing
Sinister Gaze is not good one

Ice Shards partially returned to old style — circle center is not moved too far back from explosion point. It’s still moved but for 98 cells instead of 196
Decreased cast range by 100 to compensate
Ice Shards improved so they does not mixing enemy positions who was on walls too much. It already does not move units which can fly atm

Supernova does no longer refreshes cooldowns.

Exorcism can now be stolen through Spell Steal (very old exception for old reasons)

Voodoo Restoration manacost per second 8/12/16/20 -> 9.2/12.8/16.4/20, so heal becomes slightly more effective per mana point at higher levels

Marksmanship basic bonus damage 120/130/140 -> 90/115/140 (reminding that chance been increased from 20/30/40 to 30/40/50)

Burrowstrike cast range 350/450/550/650 -> 350/425/500/575 (temporary change until rework)

God’s Strength duration 40 -> 35

Battery Assault damage 24/41/58/75 -> 21/39/57/75

Dual Breath DPS 20/40/60/80 -> 20/38/56/74, manacost decreased by 5

Lucent Beam cooldown 5 -> 6



Abyssal Blade and Mjollnir can no longer be disassembled



Necronomicon Archer no longer has speed aura. Matched Necronomicon units movespeed to compensate.
Reverted attack order onto enemy from Necronomicon Purge

Mud Golem level 5 -> 4
Rebalanced devoured from him skills respectively

Slightly increased Satyr Trickster DPS (BAT 1.7 -> 1.35, dmg 7-10 -> 8-12) and level 1 Kobolds (+1 dmg)

  • This map only supports Warcraft 3 patch 1.26! Not 1.24, 1.27, 1.28 or anything else

Download: DotA_LoD_6.88e3.w3x (82.1 MB)