Dota 7.00d1 full changelog

Map Dota Allstars v7.00d1 RGC full changelogs and download (August/03/2020)


  • Added animation to Counterspell’s duration
  • Fixed Arena of Blood not stopping units with free pathing (only passes Dark Ascencion, Arctic Burn, Firefly, Familiars and couriers now)
  • Eidolons spawned by attack count will now attack the same target as it’s source even if autoattack is disabled
  • Fixed crash with F9 on some PCs
  • Fixed bug with some heroes talents and illusions
  • Fixed bug with spell block not working
  • Fixed Visage’s cast range talent not working
  • Fixed Necronomicon’s and Satyr’s Mana Burn not being blockable by spell block
  • Fixed Ethereal Blast not being blockable by spell block
  • Fixed bug with Finger of Death, Mana Burn not providing visual effect when blocked
  • Fixed Rubick missing Mana Void Aghanim
  • Linken’s Sphere now properly reacts on cooldown reset effects
  • Fixed refreshing Linken’s Sphere not removing it’s charge from the unit it was shared to before
  • Fixed bug with Spirit Bear’s vision being reduced after death and quick rebirth
  • Fixed bug with triggered attacks and invisibility rune
  • Fixed Cold Feet stack limiter not working, it’s not possible to curse the same unit again until it’s frozen
  • Fixed Puck’s Rapid Fire working even when Puck is dead


Antimage’s Spell Shield reworked into Counterspell

  • Increases resistance to magic damage by 15/25/35/45%. Can be activated to create an anti-magic shell around you that sends any targeted spells back towards enemies instead of affecting you. This protection lasts 1.2 seconds.

* Works like Linken’s Sphere and Lotus Orb combined. Can block and reflect any amount of spells while lasts. Cooldown 15/11/7/3, manacost 45/50/55/60.

  • Queen of Pain Left Talent 25 changed from -2s Blink to 15s Spell Block
  • It’s possible now to share and stack mutliple Linken’s Spheres on a single target

Reduced neutral Centaur’s War Stomp cooldown from 20 to 12.

  • Returned “level” column into the primary scoreboard
  • Courier can now refill bottle again, but moves slower while it’s equipped
  • Fixed Silencer’s Int stealing counter not working properly
  • Fixed Bounty rune not spawning when killed by hand
  • Fixed Waning Rift affecting spell immune enemies
  • Fixed Spirit Vessel not granting mana regen
  • Fixed God’s Rebuke not affecting spell immune enemies (attack now procs, knockback doesn’t)
  • Fixed Headshot could cause enemy to stuck
  • Fixed Rubick could use Wukong Command with no delay
  • Fixed bug with Blast Off allowing Techies to cast some instant ability before the jump
  • Fixed bug with Fortune’s End when debuff could stay forever if channeling has been interrupted instantly
  • Fixed bug with Essence Shift (Slark) caused it to steal 2 agility in some cases

Dota 7.00d1 RGC download links:

DotA_Allstars_7.00d1.w3x (84.5 MB) – Mirror: Dota 7.00d1 RGC