Galacticraft mod for minecraft

Galacticraft mod download for minecraft 1.12.2 allows you to explore dungeons, fly to new worlds, and construct space stations with your mates.

You will use GalactiCraft to work on rocket launch technology and other related tasks, such as producing rocket parts, gathering energy, and building robots to assist you in surviving. Space is a hostile environment. If you get bored, you can load addons that support hundreds of game activities. The original GalactiCraft is filled with tools to help you and the two worlds you’ll explore, the moon and Mars. various types of crystals Forge Mod Loader, MicdoodleCore, GalactiCraft Planets, and the most recent version of Minecraft are all included in GalactiCraft.

Galacticraft mod for minecraft

Before you start installing the Galacticraft mod, make sure you have Minecraft Forge and MicdoodleCore installed.

  • Look for the Minecraft program in the folder.
  • Select Run from the Start menu on Windows, then type percent appdata percent and click Enter.
  • On a Mac, open finder, hold down ALT, and select Go > Library from the top menu bar. Look in the Application Support folder for Minecraft.
  • Place the plugin’s.jar file in the Modules folder that you just downloaded.
  • When you open Minecraft and go to the mods page, the mod should now be mounted.

Minecraft galacticraft mod download:

Galacticraft-Mod-1.12.2.jar (9.87 MB)
Source: Galacticraft mod