Dota 6.83d Mobaz

Getdota map v6.83d Mobaz v1.0 download and created by Icefrog, Edit and update by at August/16/2021

Moba Viet Nam is the best online DotA platform in Vietnam today. With many advanced features such as anti-hacking, Fix lag, Ping, creating independent Host…
(If you use Windows 7 you need to install .NetFarmWork 4.5.2 before you can install MobaZ-Client)

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MobaZ-Client v3.0:

For host:

!ping or !p: ping everyone on your host.
!start or !s: start the game.
!open+slot or !o+slot: open slot respectively (eg !open 2 or !o 2 )
!close+slot or !c+slot: close slot respectively (eg !close 2 or !c 2 )
!swap+slot+slot: swap positions for 2 slots (eg: !swap 6 9 )
!kick+slot: corresponding kick slot, when kicking that person will not be able to rejoin (eg: !kick 2 )
!comp+slot+difficulty: ask for a computer with the corresponding difficulty in the respective slot (eg: !comp 5 1 )
***Difficulty includes: 0 is Easy, 1 is Nornal, 2 is Insane.
!unhost: cancel the current host.

Link download: Dota683dmobaz.w3x (7.88 MB)