Dota 7.03b2 RGC changelog

Map Dota Allstars v7.03b2 RGC:

– Full changelogs and download (October/06/2021) – Filename: DotA_Allstars_7.03b2.w3x – Edit and update by DracoL1ch.

dota 7.02a

Dota v7.03b2 changelog

  • Fixed bug with Lightning Bolt
  • Fixed bug with Hurricane Pike


  • Fixed Sanity Eclipse healing targets with higher manapool than Obsidian Destroyer’s
  • Fixed Blinding Light affecting whole map
  • Fixed Blinding Light availability when dying in Spirit Form
  • Fixed Chilling Touch still using cooldown if cooldown reduction applied
  • Fixed Diffusal Blade not being dispellable by an ally dispel
  • Fixed Shackles-like abilities bug with spell duplicating
  • Fixed healing effects not stacking properly when used multiple times
  • Shallow Grave now gets properly refreshed when casted again at the same target while the previous Grave still works
  • Changed Crown hotkey from C to V

Fixed all hero abilities cast points to be the same as Dota2 (including couple more fixes of unexpected cast time on some abilities)
Glyph no longer grants multishot to Tier 1 towers

Tether will no longer copy Hexed hero’s movespeed, instead it will wait for the Hex to end to copy it
Diffusal Blade recoded to provide proper slow values and not cancelling unit’s current order (still interrupts channeling)
Eul Scepter, Force Staff, Hurricane Pike, Rod of Atos, Nullifier, Ethereal Blade, Lotus Orb, Mjollnir no longer cancel caster’s current order (still interrupts channeling)

All targeted spell/abilities projectile will now be disjointed if the target went invisible and wasn’t detected

New pulling mechanic

Whenever you successfully pull neutral creeps, the new neutrals on that spot will have debuff with your hero icon.
When an ally farms those neutrals with that debuff, 35% of the gold he earns go as a bonus for the stacker.
This doesn’t lower killer’s bounty, it makes extra gold for the support.
You won’t get extra gold if the neutrals are killed by an enemy or you.

Obsidian Destroyer

BAT from 1.7 to 1.9
STR gain from 2.6 to 2.9
AGI from 24 +2 to 22 +1.6
INT from 28 +3.5 to 30 +4.2
Damage from 44-59 to 49-61
Base armor increased by 1.5
Base movespeed from 310 to 320

Arcane Orb
No longer deals damage in area, no longer steals Int from hit enemies.
Now costs 20% of current mana and deals 16% of current mana as a damage to the target. CD 6/4/2/0.

Astral Imprisonment
Duration from 4s to 1.75/2.5/3.25/4.0
Now applies mana steal on the target, stealing 16/18/20/22% of their max mana for 30/40/50/60 seconds
Damage from 100/175/250/325 to 120/200/280/360
No longer deal any damage if the target is an ally and Aghanim isn’t equipped

Cast range from 225/300/375/450 to 650
MC from 140/160/180/200 to 150

Aghanim now provides 2 charges with 12s cooldown AND increases damage by 140 AND forces damage to affect 400 AoE around the target regardless the alliances

Reworked to the classic state as a passive ability:
Passively grants you 30% chance to restore 20%/30%/40%/50% of your max mana each time you cast an ability. Has no active part.
Restores mana after other abilities are cast.
Does not proc on any item abilities.
Only affects Obsidian Destroyer and not his allies.

Sanity Eclipse
Unleashes a psychic blast that deals to enemies based on the difference between your max mana and the target’s max mana. Sanity’s Eclipse can hit units trapped by Astral Imprisonment.
Affects area of 400/500/600. Deals 200/300/400 + 0.4*ManaDifference damage to enemies. Calculations are based on max mana, not the current mana.
Cast range 700.
MC 200/325/450; CD 160/145/130


  • Level 10 left from +20 Attack Speed to +15 Attack Speed
  • Level 10 right from +250 Health to +200 Health
  • Level 15 left from +6 Armor to +30 Movement Speed
  • Level 15 right from +350 Mana to +250 Mana
  • Level 20 left from +2 Sanity’s Eclipse Multiplier to +0.15 Sanity’s Eclipse Mana Multiplier
  • Level 20 right unchanged (+20 Strength)
  • Level 25 left from 15% Spell Lifesteal to 30% Spell Lifesteal
  • Level 25 right from +60s Arcane Orb Int Steal to +2% Arcane Orb Damage


Int from 16 to 22 (damage unchanged)

Impetus is now basic ability, Untouchable is now ultimate (back to school)

Impetus Old
Distance as Damage: 14%/20%/26%
CD: 0
MC: 40/55/70

Impetus New
Distance as Damage: 8%/12%/16%/20%
CD: 6/4/2/0
MC: 55

Untouchable Old
Slow 20/70/120/170

Untouchable New
Slow 120/160/200

Aghanim no longer provides bonus attack range
Sproink now performs 3 Impetus attacks on the furthest enemy units. Those targets are picked within attack range radius around the Enchantress plus 200. These Impetuses don’t consume any mana.

Can now control just 1 unit, enchanting a new one will kill the previous controlled unit
Controlled unit now receives bonus 10/30/50/70 damage, 2/4/6/8 armor and 200/300/400/500 HP
Controlled unit’s HP get refreshed on Enchanting
Enchant can no longer target allied units (can’t prolong already enchanted unit’ duration)
CD from 20/16/12/8 to 28/24/20/16
Cast range from 700 too 500/550/600/650


  • Level 10 left from +25 movement speed to +20 Movement Speed
  • Level 10 right from +6% Spell Amplification to +30% Blinding Light Miss
  • Level 15 left from +350 cast range to 2 Solar Bind Charges
  • Level 15 right from +1 Will-O-Wisp Health Count to -4s Chakra Magic Cooldown
  • Level 20 left from +300 Chakra Magic mana to Chakra Magic Dispels
  • Level 20 right from +40% magic resistance to +15s Spirit Form Duration
  • Level 25 left from +200 Illuminate damage/heal to +180 Illuminate Damage
  • Level 25 right from +3 Will-O-Wisp flicks to +1.2s Blinding Light Stun

Battle Trance now prioritizes heroes; if a creep got targeted by auto-attack Troll will change his target once a hero appears nearby
If Troll can’t attack, he will move towards the target


Fixed (?) bug with Hurricane Pike and Smart Attack
Fixed bug with Hide minimap Signals option working incorrectly (messed up on/off state)
Fixed bug when you couldn’t select/click a talent
Fixed Bottle in the lowest inventory slot not being recognized for refilling on the fountain
Fixed bug with Cold Feet’s AoE talent
Fixed Unrefined Fireblast real manacost not being updated

Dota 7.03b RGC download links:

DotA_Allstars_7.02a2.w3x (117 MB) – DotA_Allstars_7.03b2.w3x (117 MB)