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New Mediafire minecraft MCPE is update and realeased at version 1.19 apk. Can download and play free at Android 2022. This is big update and new for Minecraft 1.19.2.

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The developers released the beta version of Minecraft 1.19 Download on Android

Caves & Cliffs update

  • Features related to Caves & Cliffs Part II have been moved from the Experimental Toggle and are now enabled by default
    • NOTE: Upon loading your world into this beta, new Caves & Cliffs Part II world generation will automatically be introduced with no default world copy created.
  • New world generation in Caves and Cliffs Part II is currently incompatible with the ‘Creation of Custom Biomes’ experiment. In this beta, expect worlds with custom biome generation to be potentially unstable and for custom biomes to only exist in currently saved out areas of the world
  • Changed ore generation rates to be in parity with Java Edition
  • Fixed an issue that prevented large trees from growing below y=0 (MCPE-126254)
  • Small Dripleaf now properly generates as part of Lush Caves biome (MCPE-125799)

Cave Generation

  • Old caves can now reach all the way to the surface
  • Old cave carver placement is now on parity with Java Edition
  • Floating water no longer generates in caves (MCPE-141424)

Feature Placement

  • Meadow Flowers no longer replace blocks in villages or other structures (MCPE-141378)
  • Tuff blob features now generate below y=0 (MCPE-141452)
  • Deepslate patches no longer generate above y=0 (MCPE-141330)

World Generation

  • Updated feature placement of Granite, Andesite, Diorite, Dirt, and Gravel to match Java Edition
  • Improved blending between old and new chunks
  • Mineshaft tunnels can’t replace Bedrock anymore (MCPE-141123)

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Features and Bug Fixes at version 1.19 apk

Game play:

  • Fixed Fangs from the Illager spells not spawning on blocks with no bounding boxes in the game.
  • Vertical teleporting beyond the visual distance now correctly loads the terrain (MCPE-150021)
  • Damage calculations are now more accurate.

Important! In this release and starting with this beta, we are removing the Additional Modding Capabilities experiment.  This experiment contained experimental JavaScript APIs launched in 2018 – and with this removal, JavaScript within worlds associated with this API will no longer function.

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